The owners

FurbabiesHK stands for Furbabies Happy Kats. is run by husband and wife team, Vincent and Fiona.

Fiona is a New Zealand expat and has a natural connection with animals and absolutely loves cats. She also trained our own two cats, Max and Timmy, to use the human toilet.

Vincent is a Canadian expat and never imagined he would be surrounded by so many cats in his life and now treats his two “fur babies” even better than his wife!

Our cats

We have two male domestic short-hair cats, named Max and Timmy. They were picked up off the streets of Hong Kong back in 2005 and luckily ended up with Athena Ho who runs the Ding Dong Foundation.

We fell in love with the “boys” (as they’re affectionately known) right away and Max and Timmy have been living with us happily since then.


We are sad to update that our beloved little Max (aka Maxy) died from acute kidney failure on 31st October 2014. We will miss your love of sitting in our laps, watching tv, greeting us at the door and doing all the silly things you do. 

You were such a sweet boy – so caring.  You helped us through some tough times and no matter how bad a day we would have, coming home to you brought a smile to our faces every day. We knew you had a tough start in life and the odds were always against you: you were blind in one eye, you had cat flu, suffered from epileptic seizures, yet you always came through with no fear. We miss you so much. We hope to see you on the other side Maxy.

Chief Cat

Timmy Working Hard Running a Business

Timmy is currently the Chief Cat of the team. His job:

  • Making sure his humans give him enough tummy rubs
  • Making sure he gets his head rubs when he wants them
  • Making room on the bed for him to sleep
  • Making sure his humans have fresh food in his bowl

The story started because we found own two fur babies, were very distressed and lost a lot of weight after the first time we left them at a kennel.

The next time we had to go away, we asked family members to help us drop in on them to make sure they were ok while we were away but they weren’t very familiar with raising cats and pets so it wasn’t a long-term solution.

We didn’t want to impose on our relatives and they weren’t very familiar or comfortable with animals.

We’ve since learned that we weren’t the only ones with this problem so we decided to help other cat owners who don’t want to leave their cats in kennels but need someone responsible enough and familiar with cats and pets to make sure their beloved fur babies are safe and comfortable.

So, you can see FurbabiesHK started off as cat sitting service but since then it’s evolved into producing cat products that are made with the core values we hold dear to our hearts when it comes to our fur babies.

Contact us:

Email: [email protected]