Have you ever left your cat at the kennel when you went away on holiday or had to go on a business trip only to find upon your return that your cat:

  • Was very upset
  • Was very distressed
  • Lost weight
  • Ignored you
  • Missed you very much
  • All of the above

You can’t blame your cat for being scared. You cat doesn’t know if you’re coming back for them in a few days or if they will never see you again.

Max & Timmy

For your cat, it’s a distressing and scary ordeal to go through.

So, why put your cat through such an ordeal?

It’s just better to leave them at home in an environment they’re familiar and comfortable with. This way your cat isn’t put through such a stressful situation.

The only problem is, you may not have anyone you trust to look in on your beloved and prescious cat.

FurBabiesHK to the rescue!

Here’s what’s included in the cat & small pet sitting service:

  • We come up to visit your pet once every day that you’re away. We stay about 1hr per session with your pet
  • We’ll play with them
  • We’ll ensure there’s food and clean water for them
  • We’ll clean up any mess (we’re used to cat vomit, cat poop and pee)
  • We’ll change the litter
  • We’ll give them cuddles and attention (if they want it) or we’ll just sit there with them to give them some company – whatever your pet chooses they want. We’ll treat your cat as if they were our own fur babies.

This isn’t for everyone

We understand this service isn’t for everyone.

It is more expensive than putting your cat in a kennel however, your cat and pet doesn’t have to go through the stress of being around other strange animals and being locked in a cage.

Here’s some other reasons for considering our cat sitting services:

  • You don’t want to cause stress for your cat by putting it in a kennel
  • You don’t want your cat to catch any illnesses or diseases from exposure to other cats and animals (in kennels)
  • You have no one you can rely on to watch over your pet
  • You prefer to have someone that knows how to handle cats and pets to watch over your pet
  • You need someone to look after your pet on short notice

We presently only specialise in cat sitting and small pets sitting (such as hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, etc). If you require dog sitting, take a look at who we recommend.

Rates & Pricing

Rates & pricing vary depending on:

  • Where you live
  • The number of pets you have
  • Number of days you’re away
  • Any additional services that’s not included in the above

***Thank you for all your interest, unfortunately, we’re currently no longer taking on any new clients. Please visit our Resource page for our referrals.***

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