Epileptic Seizure

This morning, I was in the toilet shaving and our cat Max came in looking kind of sick, I knew he had that look of needing to vomit. I’d just let him get it out and clean it up, pretty standard.

He vomited once, then moved to vomit again, but the second time, he tried to vomit, he suddenly collapsed on his back and went stiff, then he went into convulsions. I freaked out.

I quickly yelled for Fi to come in, I knew that he was having another epileptic seizure. The last time, Fi was there and it freaked us out.

Last time, Dr. David, said that it’s rare for cats to have such a condition but it does happen. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about. He said that we shouldn’t touch him and let the seizure pass and he’ll recover quickly on his own.

After his convulsions, Maxie did get back up and yelped a bit, of course the experience scared him silly and he had no idea what was going on. He got up and walked it off a bit, still a bit shaken. Shortly afterwards, he was eating so he was ok but tired.

Just the scariest thing to actually witness him go through such an ordeal.

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