Our Beloved Max

Today was a gut wrenching day for us, as our beloved Max passed away from chronic renal failure.

He already beat incredible odds when earlier this year in Feb he went to the hospital for some dental surgery to remove some rotten teeth. When he was in the hospital they discovered he was actually showing signs of kidney failure.

After a tough week in the hospital, Dr. David let us take him home as he was only expected to live a couple of weeks.

Despite the odds and a lot of TLC, Max managed to survive another 8 months. We had to do an IV drip for him twice a day but it seemed to keep him going. But he was still a shadow of his usual self.

The past week or two he basically has been unable to eat and was literally starving to death.

Finally, today – despite his fight for life these past few months, his little body couldn’t keep on anymore.

He went peacefully and it looked like he was ready and almost welcomed the fact it was time to go.

We miss him so much.

We’re grateful to Dr. David’s care all this time and that he was here to see him off as well.

You were one in a million Max.


Your mummy and daddy