Cats and other pet resources

We’re often asked about cat and pet resources that are useful for other cat parents and pet owners in Hong Kong. Below, we’ve listed some useful contacts and resources here that we highly recommend.


FurBabiesHK recommends Dr. David Gething of Creature Comforts. Dr. David offers house calls by appointments. We use Creature Comforts as well and we love the service.

Dog & other pet services

FurBabiesHK recommends the following people:

For other pet sitting services, please contact: (we are not affiliated with them).

Cat adoption

Rather than going to a pet store to buy a cat, we recommend you consider adopting cats from the Ding Dong Foundation.

The Ding Dong Foundation offers a great service to cats in Hong Kong and the work they do there is really great. If you wish to adopt a cat (or cats) from them, you may visit their blog and leave a comment (chinese only) or you may contact them directly at: [email protected].